Its Amazing when your Company’s People,
Values, & Processes and are all Aligned

Profusion empowers your organization to be its best. One step at the time.

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Our Work Leads to Results

Our clients achieve their goals, increase profits, improve their communication and culture, and decrease waste by applying our tried and true organizational methods.

We accomplish these outcomes by breaking it down in four phases:

1. Clarity – We work with our client’s mission, vision, and purpose to provide the entire organization clarity of purpose. a

2. Alignment – With clarity of purpose, we work with teams to align their processes and procedures across the organization to improve culture & strategy.

3. Productivity – With the prior methodology in place, organizations can achieve goals and initiatives across the team consistently and with upward momentum.

4. Accountability – Finally, without accountability there is no measurable consistent progress. With authentic ownership of contribution to total outcomes, your organization will grow in leaps and bounds. Accountability keeps clarity alive and well, the cycle continues and the possibilities for growth are limitless.

Corporate Team Building With a Cause

For every Profusion client served, we directly contribute a portion of that fee to charitable causes in that client’s community. It’s not talk. It’s a big, bold step.
- Chris Mayfield, Founder

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