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Corporate Teambuilding with a Focus on Community

Cycle of Contribution

Do you want highly engaged employees that bring in more revenue and improve your profit margin? We understand how to get there from where you are.

With most organizations and businesses ProFusion works with, we begin by examining your teams. Are they cohesive? Where are the communication and process breakdowns? Do they have the right people in the right seats? Without cohesive teams, your organization is not going to be able to have a healthy cycle of contribution.

Once we address the people, we can look at ways to reduce waste in both time, management, and processes.

From here, the dominos start to fall in a good way. Cohesive teams lead to increased performance and efficiency, which leads to higher profits and revenue.

When you reach this summit, businesses can begin to roll out rewards programs for their teams and share in the financial success of the organization. When people feel valued and validated for their time and contributions, this creates highly engaged employees who are committed to the mission and vision of the organization.

Our Clients

What organizations make good Profusion clients?

Companies that depend on team connection for success. Where profits depend on people working collaboratively, not in silos. Where culture, belonging, and inclusion matter, and where fostering people is a primary driver. Where giving back to your community is embedded in your company’s values, but you either don’t know how, or don’t have the mechanism to do so. Whether your company employs 5 people, 50 people, or 500 or more all over the state or country, if it’s critical that they function at their best, and feel inspired to be part of your mission, Profusion can help them and your company do more good.

That said, Profusion might not be the best choice for every company – especially organizations that operate more
transactionally, or whose products or processes can be considered harmful to individuals or society. Not sure? We’re glad to talk with you about your company and your needs and goals.

About Chris

Chris Mayfield is the founder and owner of Profusion Consulting. An eternal “possible-ist”, Chris believes that anything is possible. He envisions a world where teams work together, communicate effectively for the highest productivity, and all team members have a clear understanding of the path forward and how to move down that path together. Chris believes individual contribution is the key to every organization’s profitability and endurance, and the value and quality of that contribution is a direct product of aligning strategy with culture.

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Our Work Leads to Results

Our clients achieve their goals, increase profits, improve their communication and culture, and decrease waste by applying our tried and true organizational methods. We accomplish these outcomes by breaking it down in four phases:

  • 1. Clarity – We work with our client’s mission, vision, and purpose to provide the entire organization clarity of purpose.
  • 2. Alignment – With clarity of purpose, we work with teams to align their processes and procedures across the organization to improve culture & strategy.
  • 3. Productivity – With the prior methodology in place, organizations can achieve goals and initiatives across the team consistently and with upward momentum.
  • 4. Accountability – Finally, without accountability there is no measurable consistent progress. With authentic ownership of contribution to total outcomes, your organization will grow in leaps and bounds. Accountability keeps clarity alive and well, the cycle continues and the possibilities for growth are limitless.

Do some good.
That’s the clear and simple driver at Profusion Consulting.

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