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Corporate Teambuilding with a Focus on Community

Profusion empowers your people with skills that greatly increase productivity, expand connection, minimize time
and money waste, and more rapidly resolve conflicts.

These enhance profitability while growing every employee’s contribution and every employee’s benefit. How do we do it differently from any other development firm? Profusion starts with your team as they are, assessing your people first – their existing strengths and gaps – and building specific paths from that point going forward. Never prescriptive, and always unique to your unique company and culture, Profusion Consulting’s process helps your team be better at being your team.

But what really makes Profusion Consulting so unique is that our mission extends beyond our work. For every Profusion client served, we directly contribute a portion of that fee to charitable causes in that client’s community. It’s not talk. Profusion employs a board dedicated to managing and distributing to local community charities. Every engagement. And where clients have a passion for specific causes, Profusion’s board will donate funds to that client’s chosen charity. It’s a big, bold step. But a very simple one.

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Our Clients

What organizations make good Profusion clients?

Companies that depend on team connection for success. Where profits depend on people working collaboratively, not in silos. Where culture, belonging, and inclusion matter, and where fostering people is a primary driver. Where giving back to your community is embedded in your company’s values, but you either don’t know how, or don’t have the mechanism to do so. Whether your company employs 5 people, 50 people, or 500 or more all over the state or country, if it’s critical that they function at their best, and feel inspired to be part of your mission, Profusion can help them and your company do more good.

That said, Profusion might not be the best choice for every company – especially organizations that operate more
transactionally, or whose products or processes can be considered harmful to individuals or society. Not sure? We’re glad to talk with you about your company and your needs and goals.

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About Chris

Chris Mayfield is the founder and owner of Profusion Consulting. As an eternal “possible-ist,” Chris believes that anything is possible, and envisions a world where teams work together and communicate effectively for the highest productivity, a world where all team members have a clear understanding of the path forward and how to move down that path together. His simple belief: Individual contribution is the key to every organization’s profitability and endurance. And the value and quality of that contribution is a direct product of aligning strategy with culture.

Our Work Together


The unambiguous direction of actions resulting in higher value and less waste.


The congruent actions across teams to serve culture and strategy.



Authentic ownership of contribution to total outcomes


Consistent achievement of goals and initiatives across the team.

Do some good.
That’s the clear and simple driver at Profusion Consulting.

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