Analysts are looking at upcoming trends and for businesses that strive to be employee and community-minded, some of these trends could really work in their favor! Below, let’s look at some ways that small businesses can strive for more success in the coming year.

  1. Use the social media marketing trend to your advantage. Businesses that have smaller marketing budgets can really maximize their exposure without spending a lot of money. Utilizing Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other online platforms is a great way to tell your story and to show how you invest in your community. Sharing information about other “hope dealers” (link this to your hope dealer post) can also expand your network and endorsements.
  2. Improve your recruiting efforts. The pandemic and the “great resignation” that resulted has really changed the way that young people search for and assess job opportunities. Companies that have a greater purpose and a culture that is focused on doing good will be more successful in recruiting talent in this tight market. Make sure that you share that vision with prospective employees.
  3. Workplace values need to change with the times as well. The current global crisis has caused employees to reassess what is important to them. Creating a people-focused culture and workplace will help businesses to retain the great employees that they have.
  4. Another employee-focused trend that has arisen due to the upheaval in the job market is the need to provide mentoring and coaching to retain talent. Employees aren’t afraid to look for new opportunities if they don’t believe that their employer is providing career development and prospects for upward mobility.
  5. The pandemic also taught businesses a lot about hybrid workplaces and the balance between remote and in-person work schedules. Employers need to embrace the fact that some employees or prospective employees may work better from home. The need for companies to provide workplace options is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon.
  6. Business branding has also evolved. In the current climate, there is a need for businesses to get more personal. Highlighting community involvement, employee engagement and the authentic ways that your company is doing good will create customer loyalty that will be long lasting and genuine.