The recent global pandemic has changed the way we do business. Many of these changes are likely permanent. Business owners and non-profits are going to have to adjust to the new operating environment to survive. As they learn to evolve, they will also continue to face all the challenges that existed before the pandemic altered the landscape. Businesses will have to find innovative ways to increase the productivity and efficiency of teams and individual team members while safeguarding the wellbeing of those you lead.

Engagement by the numbers.

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review found that an engaged employee is 45% more productive than a merely satisfied worker. This research also found that an inspired employee, who has a profound connection to the organization in which they are working, is 55% more productive than an engaged employee and more than twice as productive as the merely satisfied employee. So how does a company engage and inspire their employees in an ever-changing environment?

Here are four things you can do to achieve a high level of engagement.

(1) Have a strategy. Engagement does not happen by accident. A well thought out and planned engagement strategy helps to focus leadership on actions that will improve your engagement levels.

(2) Do not hesitate. Once you have completed your engagement survey and understand how to maximize your opportunities, do not wait to implement the strategy and actions that are needed.

(3) Make it continuous. Many companies fail to follow through. Employees and the processes they use to conduct business need ongoing development.

(4) Empower leaders to do the right thing. Employee engagement is a leadership responsibility. All too often, if not done properly, engagement becomes an HR issue and employees jump ship in search of a better work environment.

Failing to engage your employees leads to high turnover, increased and unpredictable recruiting and inflated training costs. Conversely, engaged employees stay with the business longer, are more creative, more flexible, and more resilient. So, when the next crisis is thrust upon you, you will have a steadfast, loyal and capable team in place who will be ready to weather the storm!